Touch Screen Kiosks Explaination in New York City


A presentation during a 2018 Smart Cities Conference on the Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks located along the Kansas City Streetcar System. These kiosks are primarily located at modern streetcar stops. There are kiosks at other public locations as well. Got them via Metroclick @touch screen kiosk rental plan.

The kiosks allow pedestrians to view a real time streetcar location map and view information about local events and information. They also generate revenue through advertising sales for the City of Kansas City.

Similar initiatives are being discussed in other cities, including along the Oklahoma City Streetcar line. This video provides a detailed explanation of how the outdoor touch screen kiosks work and the administrative benefits to the system for both the public and Kansas City. The kiosks were designed and manufactured by Smart City Media. They are programmed and operated through a local office in Kansas City. Like our facebook.

Video Explaination

how’s every city media you guys everyone

that hasn’t seen the

I’m Mike basil work out of New York

the company is smart city media but from

here on we’ll talk about city post and

in the case of Kansas City we named a

quesadilla post and it really is all

about posting city messages to the

street typically people have in certain

cities like in New York City there is

typically been your bus shelters where

static posters were

now a thing of the past but people who

are getting ads after heads and really

not getting a whole lot of value so

really what we we’ve been doing because

our company has been in existence for

about seven years he launched a pilot

under Mayor Bloomberg’s administration

and we’ve moved west under Bob Bennett’s

leadership and it’s just an absolutely

phenomenal because the public-private

partnership and also with the Cisco

Group and Sprint just working so well

that we’ve been able to launch the type

of network that we want on the streets

here so we talked about citizen

engagement and this really is citizen

engagement it’s all about posting

local community information that’s what

we’re pushing out we want the community

to you know get the information that’s

relevant to them when they’re walking by

when they’re waiting by a streetcar stop

they can just come up and see what’s

going on in the city right now what you

see is a digital loop every 10 seconds

the message is changing and it’s just it

could be art information it could be the

Chiefs game and cookie mute a music Fair

going on it’s just a host of information

that we’re constantly publishing we’re

publishing it on a daily basis if it if

it’s the same stuff day after day it’s

boring it’s old and no one will use so

you know we’re encouraging we actually

have a Hall Pass

we after a city we open up the local

desk and we actually have an office at

the pink bake space and we’re publishing

from there

so you know when we come to other cities

we can we do the same thing so just to

give you a little plate down and white

here a little demonstration of what

happened so we’re up we’re obviously

encouraging people to touch it because

still the notion of interactivity is

relatively new so we want to give people

an idea so if someone touches it and

you’re given a choice do you want to

learn more about what the poster is

that’s on the screen at the current time

or do you want to go a little deeper

into what’s going on here in Kansas City

so I touch that and now we have and this

really these are series of apps and this

is a collaborative effort with the city

we said sit down with the city and say

you know what’s important for you to

communicate out to your public so we

have Casey now attractions Casey gov

parks this is pretty cool the bike

sharing program so

now you can find out if the bike rack is

  • two blocks away and you don’t want to

walk there to find out there’s nothing

available so we did a location that

tells you there are two bikes present

I broke a member person

so we embed the sports community the

music community what’s fun is we’re

getting calls all the time from

different parts of the community having

the arts they want to put up something

next week so you know it’s literally an

hour we get the information we post it

and it’s up

so obviously the sports community

there’s a lot to publish and the

interest is high so if you go actually

this was a group because there’s

electric electric car week this was

Kansas City power light they came to us

and said can we post the message for a

week and I think it was over a power and

light right up there 14th Street and we

put it up and they got their their

money’s worth

so if you go back here

obviously around the streetcar it was a

big deal so we put routers into the

streetcar and we have real-time tracking

and what I’ll get into in a minute is we

take everything that you see here and we

put it on to the mobile app and that

parts and you can all k city post is the

app so simple so if you can see the type

of content that we’re putting out on a

regular basis so

and we’d have the real

you see

then we have puppies just we have video

capabilities so

the South give you all the introductory

information about the street

what’s that now what’s important about

the video as well and the sound phase –

we’re going to put 9-1-1 touch so if the

police department has the ability to

receive a video message you could have a

2-way this is your camera you could have

a two-way video pause which obviously is

hopefully it’s not used very often but

in times of trouble it’s great to have

it around also at night time to see the

light coming from these kiosks is a nice

safe – an extra safety these are your

speakers who have microphone jack

fully eighty-eight compliant

we’re going to be implementing a call

center to the

sign up here

we’ve been around for seven years so

we’ve thought through all this

to make this thing work another cool

feature is if your town

has a lot of visitors coming here we

implemented eight eight languages and go

up to 150 languages and anyone have a

favorite language so everything in

everything just converts right away and

it’s all sprawled just like you’re right

wayfinding we’re upgrading our

wayfinding system so it’s going to be


it’s going to give you all the

information you have Banton’s and you

want to go to the power light district

and it will take you from point A to

point B and it’ll be a nice wave

obviously everything we’re doing is

hyper local so the information we’re

putting in you station may be slightly

different than some of the information

you’re getting at the River Market so we

started here in Kansas City with 25

interactive screens 13 up and down the

streetcar line most of which are

two-sided there so one sided actually in

total we have 13 double-sided and 12

singles and then what we do also is Bob

had a request that some of the districts

have street furniture that’s black so we

powder-coated the units and we have a

bunch of chaos that are black powdercoat

so we we obviously work with the

community has got to look right for you

small business we have we believe that

towns in the cities that we’re going

into small business is critically


I grew up the lifelines of the city so

we give small business owners the tools

to be able to go online and type the

name I think the name of their

establishment a headline which could be

simply a for your coffee shop you know

half-price latte from 7:00 in the

morning till 9:00 in the morning

so real-time information headline and a

visual it’s as simple as what you do on

your phone so

we give a tutorial to the small business

offer they can put put the message out

and and choose where they want the

message to go what time of day and for

how long so it’s a great tool for them

it’s it’s accessible and it’s affordable

to that community so and that same

system or

with police force and the government

they can override the system there’s

trouble in the commute

you know whether there’s a shooting if

it’s weather-related they can push

messaging out for one screen different

message to another string questions so


sure but he didn’t tell you is how Mike

made those maybe the most popular man in

City Hall you should say how many buddy

anyway so these little babies here there

are a good engagement tool the fact that

my good friends over at our office

performance management actually have

highlighted some of our KC staff

meetings on KC gum to show how we’re

doing as a city is really really really

cool but what’s more cool is these

things pay for themselves so what we did

was we bought these machines from Mike

and his group and every month I get half

of the residuals from all the ads they

so this allows me to pay for silly

little things like the Metroclick kiosk itself like

those sensitive sensors. You can reach metroclick here at NYC
you see up on

the lights here like the Wi-Fi itself

all of our entire smart city

infrastructure gets paid for in terms of

maintenance because Mike said we’ll

share the revenue with you what a nice

and hope one of these guys but oh by the

way because of that what we’re able to

do is sell that to my city manager you

guys are gonna hear tomorrow about what

this whole partnership thing is all


everything you saw up and down the

street car today

somewhere about 20 million dollars worth

of kiss between the Wi-Fi APs

the sensitive sensors the software

behind it the analysis system the

crisscross yet his guys put together

think big and they’re sort of planning

behind how this strategically with all

worked out integration into phase two

all that stuff about twenty million

dollars worth of kid cities built for

this somewhere between one point seven

and one point nine million dollars

depending on how you cut the map the

reason for that big differential is

cisco makes money on this deal

sprint makes money on this deal might

make that was allowed to make multiple

flights to and from his new favorite

city kansas city from his old favorite

city where some team from new york

wearing different colored pinstripes in

my beloved coupler where they play on

occasion oh by the way torch Brett did

beat him with that homerun just saying


it is an honest to heavens legit

partnership where these guys succeed

what we get out of the touch kiosk ability to

actually transform what was a cool city

into a smart city i’ve got data now and

data systems where i can actually

predict where the next problem is going

to be i am so totally not interested in

solving a crisis that’s already occurred

but i’m trying to work toward is solving

the crisis that’s going to occur next

week or in three hours from now well I

am a company if we have to have another

World Series rally I would like to know

which of these tops I need to send the

buses to because I’ve got a sensitive

system that can count the bodies and

tell me when they’re coming I would

really really really like to have a

dedicated set of the broadband which

tells me how they’re going to get there

and gets that data to me when y’all look

on your cell phone that says KC IOT yeah

that’s the ten percent that we as a city

just use exclusively and when you were

looking at all the pictures of sensitive

guys were using that’s the part of the

bandwidth they were using to do the

I would really like to have faith that

all these systems are actually talking

to each other

that’s what Cisco does for me I would

really love to be able to know that I

can get about a hundred more of these

things and I’d like him in oh I don’t

know about four months from now that’s

what this guy does for me there were 16

partners in phase one and that was only

about 2.25

y’all ruled the whole distance on that

streetcar well we’re looking at for

Phase two is about five times that

distance and oh by the way I’m gonna add

a little shot spotter to that so Public

Safety could actually figure out where

the second gun shots gonna come before

somebody shoots it because what the

police told me was it the first gun shot

is bad but the second gun shot is what

kills somebody because some clown

decides he’s gonna make a statement with

the first round and if I can get a

policeman to that location before the

second round is fired I’ve just

prevented a tragedy and that’s the air

between a smart city and a cool city and

we really really want to be smart we

really liked any of a competition

because this whole struts the detailing

thing we just went through everybody who

was on this streetcar line they were all

part of that and the idea that all of us

are all competing toward the same goal

means that guys like this are working

overtime to be cooler than each other

and when they’re competing we all win so

it’s all cool we’re having fun and I

don’t want us to get rained on so I’m

gonna turn back over to our next

romantic scene since I saw imporantly

took over.


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