Teenagers, Too Much Toilet Paper and a Clogged Sewer

Why do teenagers use a whole roll of toilet paper after each bowel movement? Is it a conspiracy? One of them would go in to do their business and come out with only a few sheets left on the roll. I would notice this when I just changed the roll. They are always careful to not take the last little bit. Otherwise they would be obligated to change the roll. Well, all that toilet paper has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for us it built up in an old sewer line and we needed sewer cleaning in Bronx NY to fix it.

Old terracotta pipes might be solid and intact at the joints so they will last another hundred years. However, sometimes they might have a little rough ridge or piece that things like toilet paper get hung up on and build up in that area leading to a blockage. A power snake from the company that does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY broke through the clog easily. A visual inspection using a sewer camera showed right where the solids where hanging up. The cutter on the power snake even knocked loose the little bit of mortar or whatever it was that was forming a ridge inside the pipe. It should be good to go for a long time now.

The plumber told me it might be a good idea to back off on the amount of toilet paper being sent down those old sewer lines. He said most of the time it just dissolves into a slurry, but apparently some brands are more durable than others. I told him that we have four teenagers. He said he would be back soon and smiled before he left. I chuckled a bit. He told me he had kids and understood what I meant. Also, he told me he has no idea why they need to use a whole roll of toilet paper every time either.