Just an Up and Coming Rider

On my first day of racehorse training, I learned how to jump over a hurdle on the horse. People usually don’t learn this on the first day, but I was ready to do it. Riding on a horse just came natural to me, so I was ready to get acquainted with my horse and start working on riding drills. My plan is to enter horse races an hopefully one day I’ll be able to compete against the other skilled trainers in some of the best races of all time. It’s a pretty big goal, but sometimes you have to dream big if you want to get anywhere.

The other riders have come from all over the world to train at the facility that I use. There is one person from America who lived on a ranch as a child, and now wants to work on his riding so he can enter the Kentucky Derby. He has a lot of skills and has bested some of the more well known trainers that we have here. I wouldn’t dare race against him just yet, but I know that one day I will probably have to compete against him, and when I do, I’ll be ready for him.

For now, I’m content with challenging some of the students at my school. We like to have friendly bets about who will win the races between us, and can’t wait to go to the training facility after school to race. Our parents always nag us about doing our homework before we hop on the horses. One student almost lost his racing privileges because his parents threatened to take them away from him if he didn’t bring his grades up. I’m a natural in school as well, so I can easily get high grades while I practice racing.