I Think I Found the Man That I Want to Marry

I met a new guy and we have a nice relationship together. I feel lucky that I have found someone who is so caring and nice to me. He knows that I am have some medical issues that make me a bit shy in the bedroom, and he did not put me down for it in the least. He told me that he might have a solution that would help, and me mentioned magic wand attachments and what he had heard about them. It sounded like a good idea to me, so we decided to put them to the test and they worked. There are many things like that I really like about him. He looks for solutions with everything.

Another thing that he has helped with is that I grew up in a very sheltered childhood. I had not spent much time getting out to do things that would help me to conquer being so fearful in life. Any other guy might have just become annoyed and broken up with me, but not my boyfriend! He had long heard the stories about how I was not even allowed to leave my house alone until I was 18 years old and how we never even went out to eat in a restaurant, much less let me date back then or drive a car on my own.

One night, he brought over a bouquet of roses and some nice dinner that he had picked up somewhere. Afterward, he suggested that we drive to a nearby parking lot and he was going to teach me to drive. He felt that this was a better idea than me starting out on the road. By the end of the night I felt so comfortable driving that I asked that we try driving on the road next time. It was fantastic to feel no fear at all. He joked that we will go parachuting next time.