How old do you have to be to gamble in the Choctaw Casino in OK?

  1. So I went yesterday to Oklahoma for the first time to gamble. I am from Texas and we do not have casinos here. But anyways I went with my grandparents and next time they said I could bring a friend.

    I assume you could be 18 but I really dont know. My friend is 20. I am 21 so I have no problem, but I would really like to take her.

    Answer by ScottD
    In Vegas you have to be 21 to gamble so I assume its the same.

  2. Also, even if I dont gamble, I heard there was a way for someone under 21 but over 18 to get a wristband and be able to walk the floors. I dont really want to gamble but its my boyfriends 21st Birthday thing and he wants me to go as well. So what are my options?

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    Answer by LegFuJohnson
    21 to gamble. Never heard of that wristband thing. Unless it just started a couple months ago.

    If no one is at the entranceway, maybe you wont get carded, but if you do they arent letting you walk the floors too much.

  3. Do you know of anyone who has? Are there any compulsive gamblers who have conquered their addiction and still continue to gamble? If so, how did they manage that? If not, how did they stay away from the casinos for good?

    Answer by ioerr
    The world is full of morons with bad habits. Youve probably got a few yourself.

    What are the chances youll break your bad habits? The compulsive gamblers odds are probably about the same.

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