Cool Air from a Ceiling Fan

During the summer, I usually use a box fan to cool my room when I don’t want to turn on the air conditioner. While the box fan does a good job, it takes up space, and it can be quite loud. I considered two alternatives to the box fan. The first was a window fan, which would work, but would require the window to be open all the time, which can lead to insects coming in. The second option was a ceiling fan in place of the light socket. I contacted one of the good electricians in NJ to install the ceiling fan for me.

One of my friends thought that I should try to install the fan by myself, but I’ve learned from various failed installations related to my home that I just don’t have the skill for home improvement projects. I’ve tried to do my own plumbing work by installing a new sink and faucet, but mixed up the cold and hot water. I tried to repair a hole in one of my walls, but only made the hole bigger. I’ve also tried to install some guards on my gutters, but this resulted in the whole gutter on one side of the house falling down. The first failure I considered bad luck, but repeated failures made it clear that there was a pattern.

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The installation for the fan only took 30 minutes to do. All the electrician had to do was shut off the power and remove the old light socket. Once that was done, he matched up the existing wires with the ones from the ceiling fan, screwed everything in place, and then turned it on. The fan activates by a pull down cord. It can run at three different speed settings, and the light can run without the need for the fan running.