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    Cool Air from a Ceiling Fan 

    During the summer, I usually use a box fan to cool my room when I don't want to turn on the air conditioner. While the box fan does a good job, it takes up space, and it can be quite loud. I considered two alternatives to the box fan. The first was a window fan, which would work, but would require the window to be open all the time, which can lead to insects coming in. The second option was a ceiling fan in place of the light socket. I contacted one of the good electricians in NJ to install the ceiling fan for me.

    One of my friends thought that I should try to install the fan by myself, but I've learned from various failed installations related to my home that I just don't have the skill for home improvement projects. I've tried to do my own plumbing work by installing a new sink and faucet, but mixed up the cold and hot water. I tried to repair a hole in one of my walls, but only made the hole bigger. I've also tried to install some guards on my gutters, but this resulted in the whole gutter on one side of the house falling down. The first failure I considered bad luck, but repeated failures made it clear that there was a pattern.

    The installation for the fan only took 30 minutes to do. All the electrician had to do was shut off the power and remove the old light socket. Once that was done, he matched up the existing wires with the ones from the ceiling fan, screwed everything in place, and then turned it on. The fan activates by a pull down cord. It can run at three different speed settings, and the light can run without the need for the fan running.


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    Just an Up and Coming Rider 

    On my first day of racehorse training, I learned how to jump over a hurdle on the horse. People usually don't learn this on the first day, but I was ready to do it. Riding on a horse just came natural to me, so I was ready to get acquainted with my horse and start working on riding drills. My plan is to enter horse races an hopefully one day I'll be able to compete against the other skilled trainers in some of the best races of all time. It's a pretty big goal, but sometimes you have to dream big if you want to get anywhere.

    The other riders have come from all over the world to train at the facility that I use. There is one person from America who lived on a ranch as a child, and now wants to work on his riding so he can enter the Kentucky Derby. He has a lot of skills and has bested some of the more well known trainers that we have here. I wouldn't dare race against him just yet, but I know that one day I will probably have to compete against him, and when I do, I'll be ready for him.

    For now, I'm content with challenging some of the students at my school. We like to have friendly bets about who will win the races between us, and can't wait to go to the training facility after school to race. Our parents always nag us about doing our homework before we hop on the horses. One student almost lost his racing privileges because his parents threatened to take them away from him if he didn't bring his grades up. I'm a natural in school as well, so I can easily get high grades while I practice racing.

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    A Better Housing Option for Students 

    Due to an error in the housing selection process, I was left without housing at the beginning of the school year. I talked to the housing department and asked them if they could do anything about it, but all of the rooms had been taken. They told me that I would have to live in off campus housing, but they would pay for it since they made such a critical error. I looked online for off campus housing, and came across the Edinburgh University Flats. They looked like a good place for a college student to live, especially since I wasn't the one footing the bill.

    The housing department agreed to pay for the flats and I moved into my new residence. It was like having my own apartment, which was an upgrade as far as I was considered. I was originally supposed to have a roommate, but since the housing department screwed up, all of that changed. I have my own place where I can do whatever I want. I don't have to share a bathroom with anyone, or worry about someone not doing the dishes or taking out the trash. Having a kitchen at all is a big bonus.

    I invited a few classmates over at the end of the first week of classes to have a little party. I told them not to invite a lot of people, because I didn't want it to turn into some large house party with loud music playing at all hours of the night. When my friends arrived, I was afraid to open the door, because I thought there would be a ton of people waiting outside to rush in the door. There were only a few people outside, and my friends even brought a pizza with them. We spent the evening watching movies.

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    A New Baby, and a New House Too! 

    Three years ago, I met the love of my life. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was the one for me. Thankfully, she had the same response to me! We married after a few months of dating, and we have been living in my apartment ever since. When she told me a few weeks ago that she is pregnant, that changed everything for us. We want to raise our family in our very own home, so I went to a website that helps to secure mortgages for contractors.

    I had been looking at this site for a few months now because I wanted us to get started on our family sooner rather than later. I was hoping to be in our own home before we started having babies, so I knew that I had limited time to get things started. I was pretty excited about this, as was my wife. While I took care of the paperwork for the mortgage, she started looking at different homes for sale in our area. When she found a four bedroom home with a nice piece of property, she fell in love with it. I did too!

    So, the only thing stopping us from getting it was the mortgage, but I knew that would not be a problem because of the company that was helping me. I am a contractor, which could make things harder for us if we went the traditional route for a mortgage. I knew what we would be up against though, which is why I started working with this company from the beginning. They were able to help me find the right mortgage company, and it was actually a lot easier than I imagined getting everything ready for the mortgage. She is now three months pregnant, and we know we will be in our home before the baby is born!


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    The Independence of Renewable Resources 

    It's pleasant being able to have reliable electric providers in a time when our energy infrastructure feels to be vulnerable to cyber attacks and to time itself. American's infrastructure has recently felt to be crumbling around us due to a lack of upkeep in the past 50 or so years. It's an unfortunate symptom of the misappropriation of funds and taxes. It's my personal wish that we could have a choice in where our energy stems from but unfortunately the vast majority of American's energy is, for the time being, always going to come from oil, gas and coal; the top three pollution causing natural resources on the planet.

    The United States still remains the number two polluters on Earth, right behind China. This is not something that we should be proud of in the least. It's something that we should all be working toward improving. The best course of action for the every day citizen is to pressure lobbying groups to plea to the policy makers. We need better policy in place. We need politicians who care about the future of our culture and America's place in the grand scheme of things within the global economy.

    If we continue to rely on both foreign resources and limited, finite resources we're going to find ourselves in dire straits when those resources begin to peter out. We'll find ourselves paying more for oil over seas while being unable to provide our own energy. Germany is a great model for what we should be looking toward as a model for an energy infrastructure. They're building themselves up to become completely independent of Middle Eastern interests while providing their citizens with everything they need with solar energy. They're close to being able to provide 100% of their energy on renewable, green resources - more than any other nation.

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    I Think I Found the Man That I Want to Marry 

    I met a new guy and we have a nice relationship together. I feel lucky that I have found someone who is so caring and nice to me. He knows that I am have some medical issues that make me a bit shy in the bedroom, and he did not put me down for it in the least. He told me that he might have a solution that would help, and me mentioned magic wand attachments and what he had heard about them. It sounded like a good idea to me, so we decided to put them to the test and they worked. There are many things like that I really like about him. He looks for solutions with everything.

    Another thing that he has helped with is that I grew up in a very sheltered childhood. I had not spent much time getting out to do things that would help me to conquer being so fearful in life. Any other guy might have just become annoyed and broken up with me, but not my boyfriend! He had long heard the stories about how I was not even allowed to leave my house alone until I was 18 years old and how we never even went out to eat in a restaurant, much less let me date back then or drive a car on my own.

    One night, he brought over a bouquet of roses and some nice dinner that he had picked up somewhere. Afterward, he suggested that we drive to a nearby parking lot and he was going to teach me to drive. He felt that this was a better idea than me starting out on the road. By the end of the night I felt so comfortable driving that I asked that we try driving on the road next time. It was fantastic to feel no fear at all. He joked that we will go parachuting next time.

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    The Perfect Pair of Sunglasses 

    When I decided to buy some designer sunglasses, I wasn't sure if I should go to a local store or try to buy a nice pair online. I figured I would get them faster if I just went to the mall, so that is what I did. However, it did not take me long before I decided that there was nothing at the mall that I would like. There were some decent ones, but none of the designer variety that I had saved up my money for. I then went online and did a search for designer brand sunglasses, and I found a really nice website this way.

    This site sells such a huge variety of different brands of sunglasses. There are ones from Ray Ban, Tommy Hilfiger, Valentino, Nike, and so many others. I thought that it would take me a while to find the right pair, but then I found out that I could filter my search to make it a lot more expedient for myself. I had always wanted to have something by Tommy Hilfiger, but I never imagined that it would be a pair of sunglasses. I didn't even know Hilfiger designed sunglasses!

    I set up a very simple filter. I just looked for Tommy Hilfiger sunglasses, and I was able to look at the dozens of Hilfiger sunglasses on the site. I really liked a pair that had a lot of orange incorporated into it since orange is my favorite color. I went ahead and ordered them after reading some positive reviews on this particular pair of sunglasses, It was really nice that I was able to get free shipping on my sunglasses too. They were delivered within days, and they are not only comfortable but extremely effective as well. I don't think I'll ever own another kind!

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    Teenagers, Too Much Toilet Paper and a Clogged Sewer 

    Why do teenagers use a whole roll of toilet paper after each bowel movement? Is it a conspiracy? One of them would go in to do their business and come out with only a few sheets left on the roll. I would notice this when I just changed the roll. They are always careful to not take the last little bit. Otherwise they would be obligated to change the roll. Well, all that toilet paper has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for us it built up in an old sewer line and we needed sewer cleaning in Bronx NY to fix it.

    Old terracotta pipes might be solid and intact at the joints so they will last another hundred years. However, sometimes they might have a little rough ridge or piece that things like toilet paper get hung up on and build up in that area leading to a blockage. A power snake from the company that does sewer cleaning in Bronx NY broke through the clog easily. A visual inspection using a sewer camera showed right where the solids where hanging up. The cutter on the power snake even knocked loose the little bit of mortar or whatever it was that was forming a ridge inside the pipe. It should be good to go for a long time now.

    The plumber told me it might be a good idea to back off on the amount of toilet paper being sent down those old sewer lines. He said most of the time it just dissolves into a slurry, but apparently some brands are more durable than others. I told him that we have four teenagers. He said he would be back soon and smiled before he left. I chuckled a bit. He told me he had kids and understood what I meant. Also, he told me he has no idea why they need to use a whole roll of toilet paper every time either.

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    I Needed a Professional Painter 

    When I decided to paint a few rooms in my house, I thought it would be fun to do as well. That lasted just a few hours though before I realized I was in over my head. I had bought a few things to get started, but I soon realized that buying a few paint tools from a local store does not turn a person into a professional painter. I knew that I needed to hire an expert painter in Bergen County NJ to finish the job for me. Actually, it was to start the job, because I really did not get that far with my painting endeavors.

    I looked online because I wanted to hire someone who actually has a paint business. I did not want a handyman for a number of reasons. First off, I would not be sure if the person really did not know what he was doing. With a professional painter, I knew that I would be able to look at some information on the Internet, such as his business website as well as personal testimonials from people who have used his service before.

    I also wanted a professional because I knew that he would have all of the right equipment. Just buying a few things made me realize that paint supplies do not come cheap, so I wanted someone who already had all of the right equipment. Finally, I wanted a professional because I knew that if they somehow messed up, they would be insured to fix it. I really was not expecting this to happen, but I have learned to be careful in any business dealings. It turned out that I did not have to worry though because the painter I hired had all of the rooms painted in no time, and they look absolutely gorgeous!

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    We Wanted to Have the Best Wedding Day 

    I know a lot of people end up getting married more than once, but I was not planning on being one of those people. I am guessing that the others never expected to be either, but I knew in my heart that God had picked out this man for me to spend the rest of my life with. Because of that, we both wanted to have the perfect wedding, including corporate event entertainment ideas throughout not only the reception but the actual ceremony too. God is important to both of us, so we liked the idea that we could have a gospel choir sing to our guests before the wedding even happened.

    After the ceremony, we would all go to a local venue that hosts special events. We had a fantastic caterer who supplied a delicious meal and dessert, but we wanted to have even more than that. We wanted to have a DJ who would know how to keep the crowd going. Even though we would have all ranges from babies to grandparents there, we wanted all of them to have fun. We knew that the DJ would be good for the younger crowd, but we wanted something for the older folks too.

    That is why we chose a DJ that has a wide variety of music. We wanted current music for the people our age, but some old time tunes for the older guests too. For the kids, we had a magician who actually entertained everyone because of his talent. Finally, we had a photo booth that everyone had fun in too. We got a lot of great pictures of different family members and friends with us in the booth. Since there are all kinds of props that could be used, we have some pretty outrageous pictures. It was the perfect way to start our marriage!

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