A Better Housing Option for Students

Due to an error in the housing selection process, I was left without housing at the beginning of the school year. I talked to the housing department and asked them if they could do anything about it, but all of the rooms had been taken. They told me that I would have to live in off campus housing, but they would pay for it since they made such a critical error. I looked online for off campus housing, and came across the Edinburgh University Flats. They looked like a good place for a college student to live, especially since I wasn’t the one footing the bill.


The housing department agreed to pay for the flats and I moved into my new residence. It was like having my own apartment, which was an upgrade as far as I was considered. I was originally supposed to have a roommate, but since the housing department screwed up, all of that changed. I have my own place where I can do whatever I want. I don’t have to share a bathroom with anyone, or worry about someone not doing the dishes or taking out the trash. Having a kitchen at all is a big bonus.

I invited a few classmates over at the end of the first week of classes to have a little party. I told them not to invite a lot of people, because I didn’t want it to turn into some large house party with loud music playing at all hours of the night. When my friends arrived, I was afraid to open the door, because I thought there would be a ton of people waiting outside to rush in the door. There were only a few people outside, and my friends even brought a pizza with them. We spent the evening watching movies.