A New Baby, and a New House Too! 

Three years ago, I met the love of my life. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on her that she was the one for me. Thankfully, she had the same response to me! We married after a few months of dating, and we have been living in my apartment ever since. When she told me a few weeks ago that she is pregnant, that changed everything for us. We want to raise our family in our very own home, so I went to a website that helps to secure mortgages for contractors.

I had been looking at this site for a few months now because I wanted us to get started on our family sooner rather than later. I was hoping to be in our own home before we started having babies, so I knew that I had limited time to get things started. I was pretty excited about this, as was my wife. While I took care of the paperwork for the mortgage, she started looking at different homes for sale in our area. When she found a four bedroom home with a nice piece of property, she fell in love with it. I did too!

So, the only thing stopping us from getting it was the mortgage, but I knew that would not be a problem because of the company that was helping me. I am a contractor, which could make things harder for us if we went the traditional route for a mortgage. I knew what we would be up against though, which is why I started working with this company from the beginning. They were able to help me find the right mortgage company, and it was actually a lot easier than I imagined getting everything ready for the mortgage. She is now three months pregnant, and we know we will be in our home before the baby is born!


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