The Independence of Renewable Resources 

It's pleasant being able to have reliable electric providers in a time when our energy infrastructure feels to be vulnerable to cyber attacks and to time itself. American's infrastructure has recently felt to be crumbling around us due to a lack of upkeep in the past 50 or so years. It's an unfortunate symptom of the misappropriation of funds and taxes. It's my personal wish that we could have a choice in where our energy stems from but unfortunately the vast majority of American's energy is, for the time being, always going to come from oil, gas and coal; the top three pollution causing natural resources on the planet.

The United States still remains the number two polluters on Earth, right behind China. This is not something that we should be proud of in the least. It's something that we should all be working toward improving. The best course of action for the every day citizen is to pressure lobbying groups to plea to the policy makers. We need better policy in place. We need politicians who care about the future of our culture and America's place in the grand scheme of things within the global economy.

If we continue to rely on both foreign resources and limited, finite resources we're going to find ourselves in dire straits when those resources begin to peter out. We'll find ourselves paying more for oil over seas while being unable to provide our own energy. Germany is a great model for what we should be looking toward as a model for an energy infrastructure. They're building themselves up to become completely independent of Middle Eastern interests while providing their citizens with everything they need with solar energy. They're close to being able to provide 100% of their energy on renewable, green resources - more than any other nation.

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