We Wanted to Have the Best Wedding Day 

I know a lot of people end up getting married more than once, but I was not planning on being one of those people. I am guessing that the others never expected to be either, but I knew in my heart that God had picked out this man for me to spend the rest of my life with. Because of that, we both wanted to have the perfect wedding, including corporate event entertainment ideas throughout not only the reception but the actual ceremony too. God is important to both of us, so we liked the idea that we could have a gospel choir sing to our guests before the wedding even happened.

After the ceremony, we would all go to a local venue that hosts special events. We had a fantastic caterer who supplied a delicious meal and dessert, but we wanted to have even more than that. We wanted to have a DJ who would know how to keep the crowd going. Even though we would have all ranges from babies to grandparents there, we wanted all of them to have fun. We knew that the DJ would be good for the younger crowd, but we wanted something for the older folks too.

That is why we chose a DJ that has a wide variety of music. We wanted current music for the people our age, but some old time tunes for the older guests too. For the kids, we had a magician who actually entertained everyone because of his talent. Finally, we had a photo booth that everyone had fun in too. We got a lot of great pictures of different family members and friends with us in the booth. Since there are all kinds of props that could be used, we have some pretty outrageous pictures. It was the perfect way to start our marriage!

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